About Ray & Postman Pat

Postman Pat is a well-known TV children's programme created by Ivor Wood in 1981, with stories by John Cunliffe.
After 10 years freelance experience fate brought Ray and Pat together. Ray's trip to show his portfolio to a publisher in Ipswich, resulted in a chance encounter with a visiting Artist's Agent, who later rang him wanting some Postman Pat samples. Andre Deutsch was looking for a Pat artist for a series of books, "Tales from Greendale". Ray got the job.

Illustrations were vetted by Ivor Wood, and as a reliable Postman Pat artist, many books for other publishers followed. These included 8 Postman Pat Annuals. His Pat books eventually totalled 41.
He also illustrated Postman Pat stories, picture strips and activity pages for BBC "Toybox" magazine over 6 years and for "Postman Pat Weekly".

Ray and Pat parted company when Woodland Animations was sold, and shortly after this computer images replaced drawn images in the books and magazines.

About half of Ray's original Postman Pat illustrations were returned to him. Most of these have been exhibited and sold, but some, including preliminary work and sample pictures are still available. The artwork belongs to Ray but Copyright remains with Woodland animations.